What is SURAP?

The Sustainable Resource Application (SURAP) is a software solution for assessing the climate, energy, material and water footprints of construction projects over their entire life cycle from planning to demolition. With SURAP, a wide variety of stakeholders – including building planners and architects- can perform an analysis and optimization of environmental impacts in the construction project at the early planning stages. In this way, instruments for climate and resource protection (e.g. circularity and lightweight construction) are taken into account and quantified in the various planning phases.

SURAP is in an advanced stage of development and will be integrated as a plug-in into the digital building model of BIM software. In the future, SURAP can be used to quantify environmental impacts even without a BIM application.

Your benefits

Connecting climate protection and resource efficiency

At national and European level, there is a growing awareness that climate protection needs to be linked to a responsible use of materials. To achieve this, clear targets and appropriate indicators are required. SURAP uses an innovative, research based approach to take into account resource and climate footprints.

Save time and cost with real-time assessment

The central advantage of SURAP is the time saved in the life cycle assessment (LCA) of projects. It is user friendly and allows a simple comparison of variants with real-time visualization. The visualization and the comprehensible indicators enable to communication environmental impacts quick and easy.

Excellent support

The team’s expertise in BIM and LCA ensures individual, needs-based support even for complex projects. A continuously updated and verified LCA database is available to users, guaranteeing high quality results.

Take successful planning to the field

SURAP results can be used to obtain sustainability certificates. Integration into sustainability certification systems (such as DGNB1 and BREEAM2) is in development. The assessment results can be used to qualify for funding programs for innovative and sustainable construction.

How does SURAP work?

SURAP is currently being programmed as a plugin for the Autodesk Revit software – the market-leading interdisciplinary BIM application. 

The SURAP plugin is fully integrated into the Autodesk Revit software.  After installation, you can start directly and assign LCA data from an extensive database to the component groups of your designs. The background data comes from verified sources. Data gaps are closed by our team. You are missing data? Contact us, we deliver the required data sets on-demand.

From the end of 2021, the use of SURAP is possible regardless of the modeling environment, based on IFC and gbXML data as well as the quantity approach in table format.

Step-by-step instructions and video tutorials on how to use SURAP are under development.

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