The future of construction is sustainable.
The future of planning is digital.

About the project

SURAP is a Building Information Modeling (BIM)-based software solution for calculating and optimizing the environmental impact of construction projects. With life cycle assessment (LCA) and an environmental footprint approach, SURAP can be used to design sustainable buildings from new construction, over building stock, up to deconstruction.

Why resource efficiency?

“Resource efficient development (…) allows the economy to create more with less, delivering greater value with less input, using resources in a sustainable way and minimising their impacts on the environment.” EC Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe

Resource-efficient building offers a systemic approach to sustainable building; it goes beyond zero-energy, zero-emissions and zero-carbon and looks at the big picture, asking how the existing building stock can be utilized and how new buildings can be built more resource-efficiently. The approach looks at material and energy flows throughout the life of a building.  Resource-efficient construction ultimately means using fewer material resources to build or renovate homes, buildings and infrastructure while achieving the same or better functionality.

Why BIM?

“BIM – A Passport to Global Opportunities and Transformative Collaboration.” BSI Group, UK

The advancing digitalization and the use of BIM set the course for resource-saving, climate-friendly and economical construction. BIM makes it possible to link information about environmental impacts and costs of the building to the digital building model and share it with various stakeholders. SURAP unlocks the potential of BIM – but also enables green building assessment outside the BIM context.

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